A herd of 5 horses galloping along the shoreline on a beach.
Photo of Jen smiling sat in her therapy chair where she conducts remote sessions.

An important part of therapy is the relationship between us so I feel it’s helpful for you to know a little bit about who I am as a person before you decide whether you might like to work with me. 

As a therapist I am compassionate and conscientious.  I bring my real self to our encounters which means I offer genuineness and honesty. I have a keen passion for self development and research, and I am committed to putting you and your needs first. When I’m not working with clients I can usually be found out in nature spending time with my horses and dog. If you have a pet visit us during a zoom call they will be welcomed enthusiastically. 

If you’d like to chat please contact me. I offer a free 30-minute exploratory call to help you decide if I might be a good fit for you.

My background

I began volunteering at an eating disorder charity in 2014 and since then have volunteered and worked in local and national eating disorder charities in a variety of roles including facilitating support groups for individuals and their loved ones, and training staff and volunteers to understand eating disorders and offer more effective support. This has taught me a lot about supporting people to tap into their inner strength and resources to  face their fears, as well as how to find light and humour, even in the darkest times. At the same time as I began volunteering, I began a PhD in the psychology of eating behaviour which I completed alongside various  roles in third sector organisations. I have also worked as a specialist mentor in higher education since 2018 supporting disabled students to help them to get the most out of their time in education. Both my PhD and my therapy training has taught me a lot about my own challenges with not feeling good enough and how fear of failure can get in the way of living life authentically. I’d like to share what I’ve learned with you so that you can overcome your fears and live life on your terms. 

My approach 

I take a humanistic, integrative approach to therapy and coaching. This means I value the relationship between us and see therapy and coaching as a collaboration. I keep up to date with research to inform the way I practice. However, I also believe every person is unique and deserves a personalised approach which takes  your needs and preferences into account. You know yourself better than anyone so I trust you to guide us as we find an approach that feels right for you. 

I follow the ethical guidelines of the membership bodies I am part of as I am committed to offering you a safe, ethical approach to therapy, coaching or training. I engage in regular supervision, ongoing continuing professional and personal development, and I am fully insured.


I am committed to ongoing personal and professional development. Here are my current qualifications and a selection of relevant CPD


  • MA Integrative Psychotherapy
  • Graduate Certificate in Advanced Counselling Skills


  • EMCC Senior Practitioner in Coaching Diploma


  • PhD Experimental Psychology
  • MSc Research Methods in Psychology
  • BSc Psychology

Other CPD

National Centre for Eating Disorders: Master Practitioner Programme

MANTRA training

CBT-T for eating disorders

NEDDE Training in disordered eating with the neurodivergent client in mind, and working with bariatric clients