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As a Chartered Psychologist I have experience as both a student and staff member at various UK universities. I am also a mentor for disabled students in HE. During my PhD my mental health suffered severely and I felt completely stuck. I struggled with imposter syndrome, felt like a failure and seriously considered leaving the programme. I was not alone in this; around 40% of PhD students report similar experiences.

No-one’s mental health should suffer as a result of their studies or job and I really reject the idea that this is ‘a right of passage’ for academics.

Now I want to share what I’ve learned to help academics to get comfortable with ‘failure’, problem solve their way through roadblocks and find their voice. 

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Here are some common challenges I can help you with:

•Is a PhD the right decision for me?

•Overcoming imposter syndrome

•Feeling stuck and writers block

•Should I leave my PhD?

•Working through a mid-PhD crisis

•Navigating post-PhD grief

•Overcoming fear of failure and making mistakes

If you’re looking for a coach or counsellor who excelled in grad school, finished their thesis early, published hundreds of papers and understands what it takes to get to the top in academia, then I am probably not the right person for you. If you’re looking for someone with insight into the unique isolation, trauma and pressure many in academia face then I could be a good fit for you.  

To find out more about the coaching, counselling and training I offer for academics, please get in touch: