Hi I’m Jen, welcome

Disordered eating, distressed eating, eating disorders, weight stigma and neurodivergence

I am a therapist, coach and trainer who specialises in working with eating disorders and distressed/disordered eating. I also recognise how neurodivergent clients with eating and body image concerns may have different needs and adapt my approach to suit you.

I also have a passion for supporting wellbeing of students and academics in higher education.

I often find common threads between these areas including working with self-esteem, feeling stuck, supporting high achievers who may be burnt out and overwhelmed, and working with neurodivergent clients who are tired of trying to fit in to a neurotypical world. 

I offer a neuro-affirmative and a weight-inclusive approach within all my work.

I meet people where they are and support them to find their own solutions so they can live the life they choose.

I am based in the North West (Chester) and offer sessions online or by telephone across the UK.

Photograph of Jen smiling at the camera in a brown jumper, wearing her hair in a pony tail, and sat in her therapy chair in front the brick wall that forms the background when she conducts remote therapy sessions.

Areas I Specialise in:

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Disordered Eating


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I offer remote sessions anywhere in the UK by (video/telephone). In person sessions are currently on hold.

Contact me for bookings and more information. I offer a free, no obligation exploratory call to help you decide whether I’m likely to be a good fit for you.

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